Monday, July 5, 2010

What To Text Scorpio Man

Tooth Will I Survive?

There are various indices which indicate the rate of progress of the hot summer Milan :

1. Less traffic in the morning

2. Hot Executioner

3. Breathable air

4. Boars Valley Brembana impaled on traffic lights and roasted with the joint action of waves from hot ether and soil

5. Formigoni which mates with Moratti in the middle of the Parco Sempione, including mosquitoes that buzz that sell and Pakistani

6. Odor of human decomposition on public transport

7. Only argument scheduled for the agenda on Thursday became the diaspora of the people residing in Milan scheduled for Friday


That, unfortunately, if you choose to wear heels, stud trivial, not the stilts of the tiger trucks, something simple just to brush up a glimmer of femininity in your being, every step you feel you were sinking in a mud-colored tar sands of the subways and walk down the street becomes a mystical like making out with Satan . The asphalt becomes, in other words, the same consistency of chewing gum chewed by a Cyclops, not prone to oral hygiene, with the features of Giuliano Ferrara.

However, there is only one thing worse than working in Milan in the summer with 35 degrees in the shade: spend the weekend in Milan in the summer with 35 degrees in the shade.

to survive the apocalypse asphyxiated scheduled for the weekend, you went to buy two good fans (in Milan in late June and early August should be a boom in sales of crazy fans, becomes almost an accessory to the page, the fan's arm on Friday afternoon).

In a democratic regurgitation have, in fact, thought it was appropriate to procure one for the Mid Melinda arriving on Friday evening, considering, moreover, the option to place them both - the fans - focal points in the bedroom in order to create a tornado of hot air and recycled power 3 (small button darker), one of those tornadoes that break the lid off the trees and houses while The Great Gig in the Sky of Pink Floyd explodes in the atmosphere.

Surviving in 2, in a narrow space and mono-exposed on the ground floor, overlooking a courtyard where the air is so still that you could leave the center, piled up, the ashes of Mother Teresa of Calcutta , without a speck they fly away, and organizing pilgrimages, well, not just stuff.

You learn to save money. Turn off all appliances that create heat - including energy-saving bulbs. We modulate the breaths to curb emissions of CO2, it goes to cold showers and fresh fruit while for the first time you understand that when Gloria Gaynor singing I Will Survive, staying in the San Siro, in July, without air conditioning and tried in all the way to be strong.

's not so much the desire to do something, the desire to sunbathe or enjoy the summer, but rather, the mere spirit of survival that leads to it, Saturday afternoon, to bring your members to the Lido.

Experience very picturesque: the Lido di Milano is a structure that dates back to twenties, they say. And you have no difficulty believing it.

Positive aspect: the pool in which to refresh their limbs.

Cons: patrons of the beach very diverse species of flora and fauna, almost no lawn, swim in the pool with headphones that you already reach the lowest point of your sex appeal in costume, we miss you only a sock on his head latex (which, with her hair tied in onion provides a priceless look condom-with-tank ). The showers seem to have a soul, also quite sincere, that tells you when you approach with ultrasound, "Attention, danger!" There is a good chance you contracted typhoid. "

And the priceless Motta branded bar, you were convinced there could be only in the worst nightmares of Stefano Accorsi ... but no. A delicious lemon granita biochetasi who knows, the bartenders in the apparent effect of adenocromo to understand that they need to let it get the order set forth between 3 and 4 times and then, even there, a fucking absence of air.

And while you lie, you sprinkle a hectolitre of suntan oil on her, half an onion and start to Fry, as you get the feeling of being in your ass alone. Anyone in life has had a chance to be born, grow, or at least live out that Milan can not understand the feeling of oppression that have begun to hatch at the Lido, while you were practically lying on the cement, to sweat all the Italian to take camicieria a shade slightly anemic and not play my chlorine in the pool (which, as is known, is the enemy of tan).

resist a couple of hours, then go home. With the help of insolation, you and the Mid Melinda, spent about four hours to argue, by greatly increasing the level of CO2 in the house. Then the waters subside, the temperature drops and you decide to keep the balance until the start of new week. Look Velvet Goldmine and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas . The first for the first time, the second to the fifteenth. And you, as always, feel a strong desire to be born and raised in another time and another place. But perhaps even in another time.

Of Velvet Goldmine think that it is not a great film. Do you think that sometimes when movies have stories to tell too much pussy, they can not really move. But there is music, there's Ewan McGregor (with the bird from outside) that will enjoyed as a psychopath to play Iggy Pop, even though technically the same as Kurt Cobain. There is Brian Blade, which would be Ziggy Stardust, which becomes Tommy Stone that would be David Bowie. The film oozes with references, citations and gifts. Velvet Goldmine And then you watch it, leaving a deep impression, but you watch, with a fair show of daring aspiration to play a kind. At times reminds Crazy, Crazy at times even reminds Velvet Goldmine, ambiguous scenes of teens locked in a room with the notes of David Bowie. By bringing the audience to a culture less pre-chewed the most popular hard rock or rock n roll: the glam.

Fear and Loathing, of course confirmation.

And today is Monday and you've waited all day for a phone call with the outcome of an interview done last week. Wait for the call after talks has the same ferocity that had 17 years to wait for the sms of the type that you liked. That when he was 17, the phones were so rudimentary that the magnetic waves interfere with any electrical appliance within miles and the sms is heralded with a crackling noise, able lasted an average of 10 seconds. Sometimes even then the sms does not arrive. And those were the worst times.

Maybe it's part of a process of growth and maturation, learning not to expect a call after the talks. A bit 'like little children know not to expect text messages from assholes.


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